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(1 last suggestion please, sorry thank you :) ) Crazyboards :: Night Nuse groups

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Please note I had to say this pleas for the love of the members of this forum, this is the last suggestion thank you so much :).
CrazyBoards :: -> Night Nurse
Our chivalry men, and our women of princesses, if they wish to become a Night Nurse on crazyboards.

  • - Medals (medals given out when they save people)
  • - Group System
  • - etc ....

Lets say someone starts posting they are deeply depressed, really in a bad situation, then our night nurses will move in and post to make them feel happy. the main objective is to INCREASE THE HAPPYINESS BY 100% !!!!
******** Example of a post: (people should also post nice images to them via pm/gallery and mainly in the post. such as loco roco, butterfly's, beautiful happy painting , etc. **** ****
I THINK WE may only understand all of it, if we listen to the music posted below ;)

Hey m8 smilieHearts.gif
It is great to see you on the net, and I am happy to talk with you bro. Remember, things ALWAYS GET BETTER


1. Forget about all the bad stuff, forget about anything negative.
2. Make yourself a nice hot Chocolate or a green tea.
3. Get some food ready that makes you feel good (or something nice to eat).
4. Get some blankets and a pillow.
5. Get cozy and snug. (as snug as a bug in a rug hehe )
Now, listen to this song: (turn volume up,headphones preferred)

I am here for you, in fact all good people are, all of us, we love you.

NOW BROTHER, PICTURE YOURSELF with us in a beautiful field filled with yellow flowers, we are all running together and laughing in this beautiful field of yellow flowers, all of us, we are one person in all. We are all in love,calm,happy,feel good,soft this warmth. something special, we are all but mostly you are needed, we need you in this field, and now you are.

YEAH BABY, WE LOVE YOU. LETS GO ))))clapping-happy-smiley-emoticon.gif-

Just relax (happy faces)
happy,calm,love,peace,connection,smile,happy,laugh,etc its all of it all together.

LISTEN TO THIS: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqO-FYUjuMw

Ignore all the nasty people in your life brother... you are not like them so why feed their nasty shit.

come on with me bro, I will let you into a little secrete...
now close your eyes pleasee (heha hey you no peaking heha ;Pshush-smiley-emoticon.gif--

now, think of a field on a beautiful day, the field is filled with beautiful yellow flowers, and all of the good people, we all are here and we are all so warm and feel the warmth to each other, the love to all, the love to you, I am sending you love right now from Iceland. (weather its visitable or not), I FEEL my soul sending some love to you in the usa, its there I feel the warm love to you, I love you brother )

be happy with us all be friends, we are clapping-hands-above-head-smiley-emotico
good friend happy warm calm
Bonus songs:

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I'm guessing that you've never been to our chatroom yet, eh?
It runs 24-hours and mental health/crisis always gets priority.


Your suggestion already exists. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but it's hard for me to take this seriously as I cannot tell if you're building on something that we've already got (chat) or are just showing off your ignorance.


Would you care to enlighten me?

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The suggestion that you posted is not consistent with our culture here at CB.

We have chat where people can go if they need support in real time.

While it is useful to have links to funny things, we have that in the "I got the good stuff here" section of the board.

In addition, your suggestion that we just need rainbows, kittens, and unicorns to get us through periods of suicidal depression, insomnia, being tortured by the psychosis or intrusive flashbacks of PTSD is naive at best and insulting at worst.

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I've come to the conclusion that you're fucking with us.  Stop it.  If by some the-universe-is-screwing-with-us twist of fate you're for real, note the following:


1.  You have been asked multiple times now to introduce yourself.  So introduce yourself.  The link is in the post above this one.

2.  No more suggestions on how to run this site.  You're being rude and again, if you're for real, you're also being very, very young and naive.

3. Just stop doing what you're doing.  All of it.  Read the damn forums and learn how we function here, then start participating.

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This is what it would be like if Dr. Bronner, of the castille soap fame, sudden showed up.


Deep enemas, anyone: liquid castille soap brings that to minds? We, meaning old-hand nurses used to call the HHH enemas: high, hot, and a hell-av-a-lot.

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My mom is a nurse, too, Indigo, and she has repeated that mantra (don't think that's the right word). High, hot, and helluva-lot. I'd kinda forgotten about that; thanks for reminding me!

 It is...now, you will always remember...BBBwwwwwHHHHaaaaaaaaaa.

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Young man, calm down a bit, ok? Nice you're enthused, but...

Wondering if you might be a bit manic right now? Or maybe it's the stimulants?

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