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The Helping Families In Mental Health Crisis Act (H.R. 3717) Forced Treatment

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"I’m furious a Congressperson is using a tragedy for self-promotion. I’m furious that — suspending all logic — he somehow believes his bill will be endowed with magical powers to prevent future tragedies of this nature. A tragedy where the criminal was actually assessed by police with specific training to assess people who may be at risk at harming themselves or others."





Confusing Mental-Health Intervention and Violence Prevention


"There are many ways to prevent some violent tragedies, including high-quality mental-health treatment at all levels. But calling for more involuntary hospitalizations isn’t among them. "





This is some info on the bill.  It is hard for me to know what it is exactly.  I know there is a part about assisted outpatient- forced outpatient treatment.  They just implemented that in my county but it is too soon to know anything here. And a loosening of HIPPAA rights





After mass shootings there has been a call for treatment of the mentally ill.  I was mistakenly thinking that meant better access and treatment.  Not a decrease in rights.


I hadn't heard of this


"After Adam Lanza’s killing spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, there were calls for Three Strike mental health laws, where all protections against involuntary commitment to mental health facilities would be forfeited by the chronically mentally ill."

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I'm exhaustedly unsurprised. The courts already have way more power over some of us than you might think. The states isn't even the worst. Though also not the best, in my opinion, by any stretch.

Cheers for sharing the info though; always good to know where one stands in the world. : )

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i agree

and i agree w/ the points made in the article that thiers no reoson to believe this bill would prevent future tragedys of this kind,but ide take it a step further and say not only would it not help

but would hurt further alienateing ppl w/ mental illness who are untreated, and would actually prevent more ppl w/ MI from seeking treatment by increasing the real fear of loseing thier freedom,and of losing thier rights,i beleive

further eroding the rights of the mentally ill and human rights in general would make things worse

i find this scary

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I find it scary too. Thanks for sharing the links.

They're targeting mentally ill killers, mainly schizophrenics in the USA. I don't want to start a shitstorm or anything, but we rarely see anything like that in Canada.

Better gun control maybe? Sorry. Off topic.


I disagree with taking mentally ill in police cars. Ambulances, maybe with a police escort. But its so traumatizing to be thrown in a cop car. I've had police escorts to an ambulance, that was bad enough. Once at the hospital, the police left me with paramedics.


But a three strikes law? What the hell.


I don't think any of that will prevent much. It just makes the rest of the MI look bad. MI are more likely to be victims than commit the crime.

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There are lots of people who are killers who aren't diagnosed with schizophrenia and a lot if assumptions made about murderers even ones with psych records. They're often not proved to have schizophrenia at all and I think that's important to recognize. USA or elsewhere.

They're targeting schizophrenics much of the time, I agree, but making assumptions in most cases. It's bullshit and I don't think guns are necessarily the issue. I'm on a court order I've never even seen a real handgun. Plus they should show the stats for substance usage. If everyone with a substance issue were treated the way those with a schizophrenia diagnosis often are, due to increase in other directed violence when substance misuse/abide is involved, these fucking politicians would be singing a far different tune.

I'm not saying anyone's rights should be compromised or that dehumanizing is ever ok. I'm just saying a lot more politicians have a soft spot or understanding for alcohol over psychosis.

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I hate how people think all killers are schizophrenic or psychotic and blah blah blah.

It really irks me.


Most aren't. Like melli said.

But it makes for good news. *eyeroll*

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