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So quetiapine makes me hungry. I am hungry even after meals. I've tried snacking but I just overeat. I'm now trying three meals a day but I'm HUNGRY. I drink water before and after each meal.


I've joined a gym to get fit and diet is the thing holding me back now. How do I stop being hungry? Any advice, helpful links, filling foods, just anything to help me feel full???







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At night I eat snacks such as fruit - apples, watermelon, berries, etc

and things I can chew like rice cakes, and these special ritz crackers that are low fat

and come in a bag, not a box


it I have cookies, ice cream and other sweets around I cannot control myself


there are other AAP's which are more weight neutral

unfortunately they did not work with my brain

but you might be able to take them


Latuda is one example

you do need to talk with your doctor about this

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