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How to tell if someone is faking mental illness ( i kid you not)

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I think she is ill also.


The eye make-up.......I can't get past all that black eye make-up.  wow

She says on another post that she has Schizophrenia


ok I found another video titled 'my years as a teenage transgender schizophrenic'

it is rather heart breaking


I think she is coping with her life experience / trauma and illness

in the best way that she can 



trauma and abuse victim

schizophrenia dx when young




that is a lot, amazing she is still alive

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LOL i saw that video and thought, 'hmm maybe it's just some joke and she is actually faking mental illness and playing us all!'


yes, my reactions to things are quite nice. 


She does videos on make-up, too.  I am not sure she is qualified for that, either.


hahaha . this one gets a 10/10

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What follows is my speculation.


She is what we call, "in technical terms," bat shit crazy. That having been said, her own mental illness seems legitimate. By that, I don't necessarily mean that I agree with her diagnosis of schizophrenia; I'm not a doctor, a schizophrenic, or a schizophrenic doctor, so I wouldn't know what mental illness she has. It is apparent, however, that she suffers from some kind of delusion of grandeur. I think her make-up (a kind of costume in itself) lends itself to that delusion. Her story may be sad, but her insight into spotting a fake is thousands of miles away from being relevant, knowing what I know about my own mental illness.

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What unbelievably simplistic yet convoluted descriptions of the disorders she's referencing in the first part. I didn't get past 4 minutes in. I didn't foresee it getting any better.


Where's her medical degree from, I wonder?

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this seems to be a mental paradox no? I mean if your faking a mental disorder, couldn't that be considered a mental disorder and if it is then your not faking. She is definitely not faking :)


btw, I think she is kind of cute in her goth kind of way

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I don't get people who feel the need to question someone else's diagnosis, unless you're a professional (and even then, tread careful) it's really none of your business. If they are indeed faking it then what exactly is the problem? They need attention, let them have it, no real harm is going to come from it. 


I have no intelligent comment to make about the video because I was too distracted by her eyebrows. Shaving off your eyebrows and then drawing them on. Why do people do that? It doesn't look good. When I did manage to concentrate it sounded like she was talking shite.

This is also something I don't get. Enjoy lots of sweat and dirt in your eyes!

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I had subscribed to her actually a while ago...its hard to tell what's she's like.

She claims quite a lot that she has many many disorders, but then on a video she says she states these things because she can relate to them but not in actual fact have all the diagnoses.

Again not sure about the many personalities but I am certain of something

She is very insecure, very lonely and is afraid of people.

I am not sure what exactly is going on but there is something and I just hope she finds help. Because she talks about illnesses but she never talks about treatment and that can be described as either worrisome or suspicious. 

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I'm not saying I don't have my own questions about this individual. What strikes me as odd is how judgemental many of you are being. You seem to forget that you/we are on crazyboards ourselves. She hasn't attacked or make fun of anyone that I have seen. What if she has an account here or gets one in the future? Kudos to those of you who have been kind.

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I couldn't stand watching that because of having so many people say that they've been through depression cos they felt sad once etc. I don't think it helps the MI community to put vids like that out there but I also don't think someone should be condemned for making something when they are likely trying to figure themselves out as well as offer an opinion. But it is just that - an opinion.

Also agree that I hate the make up but that's personal preference.

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I have seen videos from her before in which she was defending herself, I think she has been bullied a lot online. To me this video seems like.. Well.. Do you know anyone part of a group that is often discriminated against who aggressively discriminates against the group themselves? For example Gay men who say nasty things about lesbians or about other gay men (e.g. men who they think are "too camp"). Lesbians saying nasty things about bisexuals. Women saying nasty things about other women (e.g. "A lot of girls only care about hair and make up and they are inferior to me and I am not like them!").

It is some kind of odd defensive mechanism and it only does harm. I have done it too, I can recognize it in myself. For me it is my nationality. There are a lot of things I despise about the culture I grew up in that I don't want anyone to associate with me. But if I was from somewhere else I would just think of these things as interesting differences rather than loathsome. . I think everyone has done it on some scale. I have even heard Americans say they pretend to be Canadian when they go abroad!

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