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anyone else taking an AD for PMDD?

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I'm interested in hearing about other peoples' experiences with suspecting, trying to Dx, and trying to treat PMDD.  I'm posting it here in the AD forum since I recently had Prozac added to my cocktail specifically for this purpose.


My pdoc and I recently started trying out cyclically dosed Prozac (generic) for what looks like a pattern of PMDD symptoms.  I have nearly all of the listed Dx criteria nearly every month.  Most of my physical symptoms are not beyond, or not very far beyond "average" range, but the emotional symptoms are pretty clearly in what my doc considers a disruptive and likely disordered range.  We're only 2 months into this "experiment" so far.  She prescribed only a 10mg dose, rather than the 20mg dose I've seen recommended elsewhere because I'm already on another AD (generic Wellbutrin) and another serotogenic med (generic Buspar).


I really like my new pdoc, she is open to listening to my concerns, considering many variables, she asks good questions, and gives good feedback that is informative yet flexible.  In terms of treatment she does give specific recommended parameters and starts all meds at conservatively low doses.   I've been seeing her since January about every 3-5 weeks as scheduling allows.  But she also leaves a considerable number of the nitty-gritty specific details of treatment decisions up to my discretion.  Which is empowering but sometimes a bit intimidating that she trusts my researched knowledge, self-insight, follow-through ability, and words enough to give me this latitude.  Most of my docs have trusted me with some latitude in med titration and dosing whenever I don't see them for long periods.  But I've never dealt outright with the complicated mess of PMDD before, possibly partially because all of my previous pdocs have been older men and I didn't have the MDD and GAD under any sort of control yet.


I guess I'm looking to hear a variety of other patient perspectives since I've never had any conversations with IRL acquaintances about this.  I'm also interested in hearing about peoples' experiences in order to shed light on anything I may be overlooking due to personal ubiquity (I'm just so used to something that it doesn't register as significant enough to report).  With pdocs and tdocs I'm always wondering whether or not I'm reporting the most accurate summary of my situation as possible.  

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