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Hello i’m new and since I have no clue how to introduce myself here are some facts about me, just because.

I love talking to anybody about anything, the stranger the topic the better

I've been self harming for a while now

I'm pretty sure I've failed all my exams

I love music :D

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Hi and welcome to CrazyBoards! Feel free to read through the forums and jump in whenever you feel ready.


We ask all new users to read the rules, so please would you do so if you somehow missed them while joining  Otherwise, don't hesitate to contact one of the staff if you have any questions.


Best wishes,


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Hello and welcome.


Strange Topics R Us.


(you are likely to spot one or two while reading the rules: this is CrazyBoards, after all.)

We also keep threads in the "Whatever" and "I've got the good stuff here"  categories for weird videos, weird news and, and almost inevitably, pictures of cats.

Plenty of distraction and light relief stuff, as well as discussions on serious stuff.

And until you've seen it, you might not believe how fast either can transition into the other, should the need arise.



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