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Updated rules and guidelines to The Confessional: please read before posting

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Welcome to The Confessional.  This is the board where it's safe for you to speak about anything and everything you want to get off your chest.


Rules of and guidelines to the board:


1.  This is a place for telling your secrets and truths, whether new or old and buried.  You do not have permission to reveal the story of anyone else.


2.  Here, there is no judgment.  You may choose to post purely to get something out of your system, or you may feel that you want to do that AND ask for some feedback. Neither option is wrong. However, if you'd like your post to be closed to any responses at all, send a PM to one of the mods and we will lock it for you..  This will prevent anyone from giving input on what you posted.   Note that thread locking is not an action you can perform yourself as a member.


3.  If someone has taken the trouble to share something deep and potentially painful here, please be respectful of that.  Posts that go off-topic or turn into any form of mockery may be hidden or split off by the mods.


4.  Equally, if a poster allows his/her thread to stay open for comments, please be wary of letting it devolve into general chit chat. General chit chat threads belong on the blogs, and you will be encouraged to move there..


5.  Remember not to give any personal information about yourself or about the people you may be referring to in your post. Addresses, full names, or any other personally identifying details are not permitted.


6.  Trigger warnings are not required on posts on The Confessional.  However, you are free to use them if you choose.


7.  Finally, a reminder that if you are actively planning a crime or reporting plans to commit any kind of illegal activity, we won't hesitate to hand you over to the authorities if they come looking for you.


Post away!


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