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I found you guys by accident when I was searching for a doughnut. .... I have been lurking for a bit ; dipping my toes in the water as it were.

So I was diagnosed bipolar at 21. I was placed on lithium and Wellbutrin ,was on it till 24 ( pregnancy ) went back on Prozac after second kid...suicidal/ divorce/ heavy drinking. Took self off meds at 27. No meds or therapy till I was 34. On Zoloft and therapy for a year. Then off again because no insurance.

Spent 7 years trying to hold it together. Most people just thought I was moody( being a chef helped... Everyone thinks we are like Gordon Ramsey .) Was crappy time for me for me and my two sons. Relationship disintegrated ...partner knew about illness and well that's another story for another day.

I went back on lithium and Wellbutrin a month ago.

Things are ok. Two mild rapid cycles and depression that only last a week...which is pretty quick for me.

Triggers are usually emotional and stress...

I also have major issues with food.

So hi:)

Oh I could go on and on.

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Welcome - glad you could join us! I'm sorry you've been through a rough time.  It's really good that you are able to recognise your triggers, and I hope that the meds start working harder to get you stabilised.


Please feel free to read through any or all (though you'll be here for days) of the forums, and jump in to participate whenever you feel ready.  We also ask our new members to read our rules, so please could you do so if you somehow missed them while signing up.


You are welcome to contact any of the mods if you have further questions.  I look forward to seeing you around!


Best wishes,


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Thanks everyone.

I'll bring a pie and coffee next time:)

Mia...I definitely read the rules before even lurking. One reason I joined was there would be a discussion of nipple clamps. I mean who doesn't want to talk about nipple clamps.

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Hello, and welcome.

Searching for a doughnut eh? Did you ever find one? Will you share? :)


What are your favourite kinds of nipple clamps? I like the clovers. :P (You started it!)


Feel free to post where you find appropriate and ask the mods and admins any questions. Blue and purple people are mods and chat mods, in that order, and orange with an overline are admins. We're crazies, too, and we're volunteers that help keep the forums running smoothly, and keep trolls at bay.

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