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Effexor XR 150mg day 2

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A little back story... I'm 37 and have had Major Depression since I was 17. I took Prozac for many years with great success at the highest possible dose but after so long it just stopped working and since then I've had very little success with others and just gave up for years and sank back into depression and anxiety.

New doc and a new try after a 2 week depression episode and an anxiety attack that lasted 3 days and almost made me kill myself.

So the doctor put me on this yesterday, straight 150mg right out of the gate considering all my medical history with depression and meds.

I took my dose about 1230 pm and at around 3 I started to notice a mood change? and as the next hour went by I started to feel giddy and silly and happy? Also started to get tired,groggy and yawning up a storm and at the same time anxious to get up and move around.

Weeeeeeeeee lol

By 6 I was nauseous and about ready to fall asleep sitting up,very relaxed and still felt all of the above too but it wasn't weeeeeee anymore, all those good sensations turned annoying,irritating and started making me feel more sick. I took a long walk, still feeling high ish , and then settled in on the couch figuring I'd fall asleep but NO!!!!!!!! I'm tired as hell,feeling sick and there's this strange fluttering sensation going on all over my body.....not creepy crawly but almost like all my muscles are very very slightly twitching or vibrating. Couldn't sleep at alllllllll. The whole thing was more irritating then harmful or painful but it did make me think twice about taking it today because I can look at myself yesterday and say "wow, that was weird" lol

Do I wanna go for another little trip? =) I feel ok this morning,just tired........going to stick with it and hope it eases up after a few days. 150mg Effexor XR Day 2..... Aaaaaand ACTION! Lol

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