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Um, hi, you can call me Ghost while I'm here (or Emerald, not like it matters much).

I've been professionally diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder, chronic anxiety, psychotic depression, and ptsd, all over the span of a couple years. There's a possibility I could have chronic fatigue syndrome as well.


I have some confusing and slightly rare symptoms I've been experiencing so I came here to find others that might have them.

Currently I'm a pretty pathetic case and I admit I'm barely surviving. My dream is to be independent.


I am extremely gentle and empathetic by nature, so feel free to approach me if you want. I like felines, languages, history, mask making, and writing.


/ end of introduction yeaa

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Hi, Emerald, and welcome to Crazyboards.


Please read the rules when you get a chance---it helps us to avoid misunderstandings later on.


This is a friendly group and I hope you like being a part of it.



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