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Your Experiences As To Which Would Be Safer Rit Or Add?

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Dr. is providing me with plenty of options as he can see I'm struggling tremendously.


Wants me to try Rit or Add..have taken Rit in past..Add never have taken..


How long does each last for.. (the Ir relaeases)  Rit is about 4-6 hours? Add is about 8hours?  If the Rit causes untolerable side effects..anx, para, or mood fucutaions..then at least it wears off quickly..?


I know once the Rit wore off for me  the depression came back and was pretty bad for me...




Any notions as to which one would Be Least Likely To Cause Psychotic Symptoms? As well as if one is less addicitve than the other?


I'm just so tired of being tired...











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Stimulants, when taken as prescribed, shouldn't be (physically) addictive... you might grow a bit physically dependent on them but I can always stop mine cold-turkey if need be.  Which happens, say, when I go manic.  Or the times I run out.  You might feel some side effects if you have to do that, but maybe not (I don't) - the return of symptoms is pretty hefty on its own in my experience anyway.


I do experience side effects on stimulants, but because not all prescription stims are the exact same formula some side effects may not exist for you with certain stims even if you get those on others - or maybe not as bad.  There's also the possibility of getting a side effect for a week or two (or just a few days) while you adjust to the med.


Ritalin, or methylphenidate, can and does come in longer-release formats.  If you're taking IR (immediate release) then yeah average may be 4 - 6 hours.  At low doses I had it last about 3 - 4 hours, and I say it that way because it took maybe just nearly an hour to kick in, and roughly the final hour was it wearing off, so I only got a couple hours or so of use out of an IR dose.  Then I moved to Concerta for maybe nine months.  Now I'm on Dexedrine.  Dex gives me slightly different side effects.  I do get appetite suppression during my first week or two (back) on it, but that side effect is something I get used to.


There may be an advantage to starting with a med trial of methylphenidate (Ritalin) IR at a low dose, as you perceived it lasts less time and that's basically why.  If you're going to react to even a small dose IMHO better to start with something that won't last very long.  My pdoc gave me a script for IR methylphenidate and then said "take 1 - 4 pills a day for two weeks and talk to me after" where one pill was 1mg.  I was supposed to seek an ideal dose if possible, and just report my experience.  Your doc may or may not choose to do something similar.  Every doc is different.


I don't know if either one of those is more or less likely to trigger psychotic symptoms.  I don't get mania triggered, though as I said I go off the stuff if a manic episode shows up, and I take a simultaneous mood stabilizer which I think helps me a lot.  Plus the stimulant helps alleviate some of the (slight) negative side effects from my mood stabilizer.


The drop-off from a stimulant can be kinda nasty.  Methylphenidate IR had a rough-ride drop-off for me, lots of anxiety and agitation.  For me personally it helped to remind myself that I was feeling that way because the med was wearing off, and the feeling would go away - but I'd still basically be feeling the full blast of it during the hour or so.  Moving to the extended-release form of it as Concerta really helped, the drop-off period was still roughly an hour or so but it didn't feel so 'steep' or sudden and didn't seem to get as bad.  My move to Dexedrine, though it carries a worse side effect or two compared to Concerta, has a really smooth drop-off period for me so that is good (plus some other personal benefits.)  I take Dexedrine spansules, which are time-release so yeah.


I wish you luck.

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I've been on straterra, adderall, vyvanse, concerta, ritalin and provigil at various stages for off-label depression really more than ADHD, but stimulants help me tremendously. ANYWAY


the biggest mistake I think both patients and PDocs can make with stimulants is to confuse the high or initial euphoric effect for the med doing its job, and then increase and increase until its unmanageable. This reflection also comes from having had to for a period of time to go through amphetamine withdrawal because a switch from a new to Pdoc to a retired one proclaimed me "hypomanic" in our first meeting and axe'd my 70 mg prescription of vyvanse.


ANYWAY stimulants like all meds come with a known and unknown long-term and short-term risks. Amphetamines and the relate stim classes are known to possibly exacerbate heart conditions, cause serotonin syndrome when rx'ed in adjunction with serotonin-affecting medications, dry skin, depleted magnesium to name a few. And of course, amphetamine abuse.


My favorite stimulants are good ole amphetamine salts (adderall) XR and then IR boosters and Vyvanse but they're more "hardcore" on dopamine receptors than others, from what I understand. Just whatever works for you.

Tread carefully!



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