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One More Provigil Question...The Inconsistency

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It's apparent I am having inconsistent responses to the Provigil. One day it helps me signifigantly..the next day it makes me sleep..even increasing it when this happens doesn't help. Or it will make me foggy/spacey and out of it.


It's like a different med each time.



I am having a hard time understanding as to exactly why this is happening.


Yes it is odd.


Why is this happening ??And how in the world am I to explain this to my Dr. without him oficially classifying me as nuts..?





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Even on meds you have good days and bad days. For example, today is a bad day for me. I have taken my full dose of Ritalin and drank a pot of coffee, but still I am tired and feel like I could sleep all day. Yesterday was a good day for me. So it happens. Today is a day where an extra shot of dopamine is not affecting my brain. The brain is a complicated organ and doesn't always respond to meds as we would hope.

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