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Hello all!!!!

I hope everyone is doing at least ok...

Mental health issues are hell on earth.

Much love to everyone suffering *hugs*

I just have a question re: Valdoxan (agomelatine)

I have been on so very many different anti depressants, I mean almost the lot of them, seriously.

Been on Pristiq 100mg and Lamictal 100mg twice a day for years now.

I think every now and then my body needs to be shaken up and things changed because what may have been effective to begin with loses any positive effects after a while.

I'd never even heard of Valdoxan before, but my Dr suggested this to me yesterday as I'm just hitting rock bottom again and something has to happen because all other avenues, i.e. talking until my throat closes up is not helping right now.

I've been on the decline for maybe a year now, slowly.

I've read this med is at least as effective as Prozac, Pristiq etc, and with no worse side effects, but I would be so incredibly grateful if anyone has any personal experience with it.

We all know what a leap of faith it is to go ahead and change meds, so before I do this, I would be so thankful for any input and feedback.

Thanks so very much in advance.



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I'm desparate.

Now I've been reading about Brintellix.

I don't even know if it's available in Australia, but I want to be sure I make an extremely well informed choice before I switch.

I'd be so thankful for a reply.

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I took valdoxan in 2010. It worked well for me and rather quickly too. However it did stop working after a few months. You have to have regular blood tests as there is a risk of   liver toxicity. I had tests before treatment began and as an extreme precaution had further tests after being on the 50mg for a while and was told I would continue to have liver function tests every 6 weeks and then further down the line every 12 weeks. 

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jt07, thank you so much for your comment. it means a lot just to know people are reading my post! xo


rowan77, THANK YOU!!! :) hearing that it did work for you, and rather quickly, is certainly a start. that sucks that it stopped working after a few months :( that tends to be the case with lots of people with lots of anti depressants.

i believe the pristiq is the one ive been on for the longest at any one time, but i know its just not working anymore, and rather than keep blaming my relapse on every other possible cause, i know its just the meds.

i had a liver function test the other day, so if i do decide to go on this med, we'll have a baseline for treatment.

i just wondered if you had also tried pristiq, and what the side effects for valdoxan are like in comparison?

i know all the usual suspects are there, i just hoped you might be able to share your own personal experience with it.

fatigue and weight gain are deal breakers for me as ive got chronic fatigue syndrome and eating disorder/pcos issues also, so i need to try control my weight,

thank you both so much!

really. ive had an awful day, just tears galore, suicidal thoughts (i wont do anything, just terrible intrusive thoughts!), and anxiety attacks left, right and centre.

im so grateful for your replies being here when i finally got motivated enough to get back online.


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after many, many, many tears of frustration and anxiety, i today filled my script for valdoxan. i. am. TERRIFIED!!!!!!

im so scared itll bomb me out the morning after i take it, and im just generally s*** scared.

i have a 10 year old with special needs and i cant afford to be flat on my back exhausted from side effects.

please, please, desparately PLEASE can someone tell me if i should expect this???

the truth is good, id just like to know so im prepared.

thanks so much in advance.



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I didn't experience any severe side effects and it did not leave me exhausted at all.


Hopefully it will work well for you and that you experience minimal or no side effects.


Good luck with it!

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