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Who has access to generic Seroquel XR?

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This med is the mainstay of my cocktail and I simply can't function with out it.  However, because of insurance shittiness, I cough up a fortune in co-payments towards it every month.  I've been told by numerous pharmacists and by my pdoc that it'll be years before we see a generic for this.  Which is why I'm surprised to see people here on CB referring to taking generic XR.


Out of curiosity (and you don't have to name your exact country if you don't want to), where do those of you with access to the generic of Seroquel XR live?


- North America

- Central or South America

- Europe (including the UK and Ireland)

- Asia

- Northern Africa

- Southern Africa

- Australia

- New Zealand



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Yes, we've had generic IR quetiapine here in South Africa for a few years now.  The insurance company I use reasons that since there's a generic for the IR, they don't need to pay for name brand XR... completely missing the point that the drugs are really quite different.  My pdoc says many members of her profession have challenged this, but have gotten nowhere.  And that's because medical insurance companies are run like businesses by people with either failed medical degrees or no medical experience whatsoever. 



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Ireland has the generic form of Seroquel XR. I think there is a few. The one I take is called Notiabolfen XL (weird name in my opinion  :P ) It is produced by Accord Healthcare Ltd. They are really pushing the use of generics here in Ireland at the moment

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