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hi there, i'm just beginning

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hi! i'm cece and i found this place because i was looking for some kind of online support place/place to chat with people that "get" me. i'm in socal and i'm 18 years old ^_^

i was very recently diagnosed as bipolar and possibly schizophrenic. of course, hearing all that at the same time was really frightening and overwhelming. i've also had terrible anxiety my whole life so i rarely leave my apartment. which is why i suppose i'm here, haha

my main issue at the moment is hearing voices. i'm taking abilify right now and it's helping somewhat though. other than than my anxiety has been through the roof, but at least there's no awful mood swings to accompany it.

anyways, enough about me (i tried to keep it short!). it's nice to meet you all and i hope i can make some friends here.

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Hi, cece and welcome to Crazyboards.


I ask all new members to read the rules.  If you read them when you signed up, you're all set.


It's understandable to be a little frightened when you are first diagnosed---I imagine a lot of our members have experienced that feeling.  I hope it helps you to read the forums here and learn about being Mentally Interesting.  It's a great group.  Crazy, but nice.



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