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Hello, all!


I have been on Haldol Dec (the monthly injection)  before and am wondering about how the pills work. I am reading that the doses are usually split into 2-3 throughout the day. Why is this? Is it more effective this way (i.e., does Haldol have a really short half-life?) or does it make the side effects more tolerable with split doses? Do the daytime doses make you too tired/sedated?


For those of you who have done Haldol pills/oral, how did/do you do your dosing? How many times per day? What dosages have you been on/are you on? If you have daytime doses, did it cause a great deal of sedation?



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my experience with haldol tablets is spotty, so unsure how helpful, but i've taken both so perhaps...anyway, i currently am on the depot injections, (300 every 18-21 days) and i have two sizes of prn tablets. i've been put on the tablets whilst in the hospital and, though i don't recall exact dosage, it was three times a day for me (i *think* it was 5mg each, but i could be wrong). that fact, the three times a day, was unsustainable once out of the hospital and so my experience with taking oral haldol for maintenance is limited i also have a high metabolism, just generally, and note that because i do know that the twice a day option does work for others, just not me. (similarly, my depot injections don't last a full month, and they are barely lasting three weeks, so my psychiatrist errs on the side of never more than three weeks, if that makes sense).


the reason, so far as i understand it, is that haldol tablets do leave your system pretty fast--though exactly how fast is very much an individual thing, as is therapeutic dose. each dose is mostly gone in less than twenty four hours and, i believe, fully gone within a day and a half or so (at most). given the "peak concentration"/therapeutic dosage is in the middle there, so you have to take it two or three times a day and overlap each dose being in your system in order to maintain a consistent level. kinda like overlapping ativan. well...sorta. but then also totally not.


anyway, as i said, i don't recall my tablet dosage for certain, but taking it multiple times a day just wasn't practicable. there's also a titration and if you are spotty with taking them (it's supposed to be, like, the same times each day), you end up messy and it feels like you've overtaken when you start taking them as you're supposed to because you've lapsed and your body adjusts back to the lower dosage. unsure if that's explained very well, but hopefully well enough. i don't find haldol sedating in either form. even the short acting injections i find calming, usually, but not sedating. if you've been on the depot before and it worked well, just because of the dosage schedule and so forth, you might consider just doing that again.

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