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I'm Shauna, from Canada. I am part of a multiple system of... I think 12 or 14 members (I'm not sure, Chandi's fiancee deals more with them since we don't have much internal communication). Some of us have past memories of sexual abuse (one of the kids), and myself and a system protector are the ones to deal with family members.

Aside from DID, we are diagnosed with BPD (that one hits us hard, we're really crazy there), PTSD (Before the DID came about) and GAD.

The meds that keep us alive are Effexor 150mg HS, Risperdal .5mg HS and Ativan PRN. We also self-medicate as needed with whatever works and whatever we can get.

Certain of us are more affected by the BPD than others, Autumn is bad for SI, Erica has VERY unstable moods, and dosen't much like Chandi's fiancee.

So... Hi ;)

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