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Here for help and the success stories :)

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Hey everyone


Not great at introductions but what must be done must be done!


Diagnosed Bipolar Type 1, Borderline personality disorder, conversion disorder, social anxiety and recovered bulimic/anorexic/cannabis abuser (have relapsed occasionally), im in my late 20s, female, australian and isolated due to moving interstate not long ago. I dont have a lot, but i do really love animals and nature, op shopping and going for walks along the beach (i really do enjoy going for walks along the beach) and vegetarian food.


Last week when i first joined the site i was unwell, id been depressed many weeks with no apparent cause (except everything, of course) and experiencing horrific emotional swings. I went back onto sodium valproate after a big wake up call. Its been about a week and a half and ive noticed a difference, quite a large one from where i was. In the past couple of weeks ive spent the night in hospital, seen a doctor and a psych and been contacted by various counsellors and i will be going onto lithium in a few weeks. 


Anyways i hope everyone is feeling as well as possible today. Im here to get better and hopefully support others in their journey.


Thanks and see you on the boards :)

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Hello and Welcome to Crazyboards!


If you haven't already done so, please take a few minutes to read The Rules.


I'm glad to hear that going back on sodium valproate is helping you.


My success story is that I rapid-cycled (I have BPII) for 10 years then discovered Zyprexa and...wallah...I'm a functioning member of the human race again.


Take care!

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