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Having Lurked, I've Decided To Jump In

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Hey everyone. *Waves* How's it hangin'?


My name is Sara, and I'm 26-years-old. All of my fancy crazy ish (i.e. diagnosis and pharmies) is located in my signature. I always feel weird doing these intro threads, and that's probably why I've lurked for so long. I guess one of the reasons I've decided to register (then several days later actually POST this) is because if I'd done it sooner, the past few weeks would probably have gone a whole heck of a lot better.


On July 14th, I landed myself in the psych ward of a hospital for the second time this year. When I ended up there in March, I fulfilled my 72-hour involuntary hold and was out in three days. Following the attempt on my life early morning on July 14th, I remained in the psych ward for an extreme 15 days...but that is a story for another day. Regaling you all with the events that transpired would probably comprise a novella length work, and ain't nobody got time for that.


Anyway, now that I'm out of there, I'm trying to really get my stuff together, as it were, and live a lot healthier. Some things I'm working on should have been givens, (like not drinking on my meds, actually talking to people when I felt suicidal, letting someone know when I was extremely manic) but you live you learn, I suppose. I guess I'm lucky that I'm still living.


On the lighter side of things, I'm a total vape geek, so if anyone has given up the analog cigs and been sucked into rebuildables and mods and dripping and all of that fun stuff, I'd definitely be done to chat about that. I'm also mad into camping, as evidenced by my spending the majority of the summer in a tent in my backyard. I'll read anything that has words on it, and I like writing words also; I'm working on a novel-length thingie right now. Additionally, I spend way more time on Netflix than anyone should be comfortable admitting, and I dig cats.


That's...about all. So, hello! This board seems superb.

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Hi Sara, and welcome to Crazyboards.


I ask all new members to read the rules---it avoids misunderstandings later on. 


Sounds like you had a pretty hideous July.  I like your resolution to live healthier and go easy on the drinking---that's bound to help you feel better.


Let one of us know if you have questions about anything.



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