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hi from a newbie

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hi everyone


i've been reading plenty of helpful information from these forums and figured i should post a bit about me...


for the past ~3 years (i've just turned 23)  i've been enjoying the delights of bipolar, mainly mania and hypomania. one period saw me buy 5 cars, spent all my savings on senseless things, excessive speeding, cheating on parter, hearing my phone ring when in reality it isn't, extremely aggressive and irritable, unable to commit, etc etc. 


the poor mrs is on the end of most of my antics, and is the most resilient person i know, love her. She books my appointments with the psych, makes sure I get help when i start to slide into an episode. 


Doctor currently has me on 2000mg of sodium valproate, and 10mg of olanzapine, but we're still working to get to the right mix.


anyways that's pretty much me in a nutshell :)

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Hi, robbo and welcome to Crazyboards.


I ask all new members to read the rules, unless you read them when you signed up.  In that case, you're all ready to go!


It sounds like you've had quite a roller coaster ride:  I hope that your present combination of meds will offer some stability.  It's great that your wife is supportive and involved in the situation.  She sounds like a real gem.


Let us know if you have questions about anything.



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