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Bruxism (jaw clenching) - which meds/combos make it unbearable?

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I've always had problems with jaw grinding and tmj since I've been on antidepressants.  I have had a pretty good night guard all throughout the time it started, so it was mostly under control.   But in the past two years I was put on a high dose of Lexapro (60 mg) and Lamictal (200 mg) and I have had a lot more problems with it.  Some days its just completely unbearable, like my jaw is an arthritic joint.   I'm fairly certain both medicines are contributing to it.  I wish the Lexapro was at not as high a dose, but the problem really became worse when my pdoc at the time increased my lamictal from 150 mg to 200.   I'm thinking of going back down on the lamictal to see if that helps temporarily, but I've been on both for so long and my stress level is pretty high right now, that I don't know if now is a good time to do it.  Have their been certain meds or certain med combinations that have been really bad if you have bruxism?   How did you get relief?

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