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Lithium withdrawal (split from Lithium and Embracing Chronic Kidney Disease)

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Hi all:  I have been on lithium for 20 plus years and have now been informed that I have stage 3 kidney disease and it is from the lithium. My nephro wants me off lithium now. I guess the onset of these problems is different for others as with most other diseases. I am currently weaning myself off of the lithium but don't want to aggravate the withdrawal symtoms too much too soon. Not sure that the lithium was a good choice for me because it was not for mania but the depression. My pdoc gave it to me to take with my antidepressant and it seemed to work so I never questioned it. I am down from 600 mg. to 300 mg. in a month and thinking of now dropping to the 150 mg. I know I can beat this. I beat cancer, horrendous childhood, and many other medical disorders so I know what you mean when you say you have a doc for each organ. Fortunately for me, mine has seemed to be spaced out until now. Any feedback I can get on the lithium withdrawal would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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