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I'd been taking a small dose of Wellbutrin for a while to deal with my sadness with having a very sick family, and it really helped with my depression, but after a few months, everything began to feel like "homework".  A very stressful feeling indeed.  Life lost meaning, and I became wedded to my patterns of "homework" and rules.  My irritation was also quite high.


It is like I want to live my life all at once, in order to get it over with so I can rest.  But even resting feels like homework.


The pdoc told me to quit the Wellbutrin and try Emsam 6mg.  I've been on the Emsam for 6 weeks now, and honestly, I feel worse.  Now I have no "get-go," no motivation, crying jags in the morning, and the lack of meaning in life is still present, as is my irritation.  I think I might also be having more difficulty concentrating on book-reading.


The pdoc insists, strongly, strongly that these crying jags, and the lack of motivation, concentration, etc, have nothing to do with the Emsam.  He is also urging retake Invega at 3mg, which I tried and quit after 14 days, it ruined my mood even more.  He urges more Emsam, more meds, more everything.  


Does anyone have any similar experiences with Emsam?  So many people get so much good out of it, and should I just be more patient?  Or am I one of those who react badly to it?


Any insight would be helpful.  I'd like to loose this "homework" feeling as well.

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