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me, interrupted

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hey there. i have lurked on this board for several years and finally decided to introduce myself.


i go by wisteria, only because i think it's pretty and i think i'm not (major self esteem issues).


my pdoc says i have a mood disorder- most like bipolar 1 or schizoaffective, but i'm very high functioning ( at this stage anyways). i have incredible anxiety and panic attacks, a dog that lays with me when i'm down and out, and a somewhat supportive but clueless husband. apparently according to the tdoc i have a bit of ADHD but he thinks it's related to the anxiety instead.


i take the following laundry list:






vitamin d 



we just started the billentrix (and by we i mean me kicking and screaming). i'm very hesitant to take an AD since i've read so many terrible things about them whilst being bipolar, but i am pretty stable on the abilify.


anywho, things about me that aren't illness related: i love hallmark, i work at a university, and i want to become a therapist even though i don't take my own advice seriously.


thanks for having me!

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