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comments on scars

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Friend - "Stop doing this or we can't be friends"

Friend - "You should stop that, it'll leave you scarred for life" (thank you, Captain Obvious)

Friend - "Your cat must be psycho!" (Herpa derp!)

Doctor - "It can cause infection so you should stop"

Stranger - "Did somebody do this to you?!" (Yes, yes they did. It was me.)

11th grade classmates - "It's down the road, not across the street."

and my all time favorite -

Dad, when I was 15 and fresh into therapy - "If you're going to do something that stupid, do it right and kill yourself already!"

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On 8/29/2014 at 8:11 AM, mythweaver said:

I feel like when someone has self-inflicted scars/wounds people tend to think it's okay to ask about them or make comments. I was thinking about some of the things people have said to me about my scars, and I came up with the following: 


You're going to have those for the rest of your life (fellow psych patient)

Are you okay? (a member of my queer youth center)

I'm sorry you're so sad (nurse)

You should cover your arms (nurse)

Your scars are frightening (family member)

Your scars are triggering to other patients (nurse)

You shouldn't do that (therapist)

People don't want to see your scars (family member)

Did that hurt? (psych patient)

WHY? (ER doctor)

Did you see their arms? (same ER doctor, to a nurse)

You need a new hobby (nurse)

and my personal favorite: Was it because of a boy? (dental hygienist) 


What have other people said about your scars? 



"Does it hurt to shave over those?" 

"Are you emo?"

"Did you do it again?"

"Gross bitch," "crazy bitch," "suicial"

"Hey, girl who cuts herself"

"Are you suicidal," "Have you tried to kill yourself that many times?"

"Ugh," "Ew"

"Those are disgusting. Cover them up." 

"Where else are they?"

"Can I see the others?"

"Will you have those forever?"

"You ruined your body"


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