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Klonopin specialist, how would I find one ?

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In my "stopping Klonopin" thread I was advised to go back to the doctor who originally prescribed it, or have him recommend someone who would help me.


I did. He kicked me out (see other thread) of his office ! Well, all he came up with was the local addiction service/center and primary care (GP and psychologists).


Not satisfactory. The GP hasn't been able to help me, although he has the ability to refer me.

The GP doesn't really know, either.


What doctor would be somewhat of a specialist on "Klonopin" ?

This isn't the USA, but an obscure country in Europe. I think that the average pdoc knows very little about this drug, except for therapeutic use in anxiety disorders. It is raraely used. Actually, it's called Rivotril in this country.


I have found this drug to be very unlike any other benzo. In short, for the most part I don't have a clue about what is going on. And some strange things are going on.



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We cannot recommend specific doctors on these boards, for a myriad of reasons (only one of which is we don't know where the hell you are).

You probably want to find a pdoc who specializes in treating substance abuse patients.

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