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I have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, Type 1, I think.

I have tried four mood stabilizers: Trileptal, Depakote, Seroquel, and Rispradol.


All of them resulted in severe canker sores in my mouth and blood blisters in my throat. It took 1 to 3 weeks for the sores to die down.


Trileptal seemed to work for about 2 weeks.

The reaction to Trileptal was the worst, and I didn't eat much for about 9 days.

Canker sores. Panic attack. Sweating. Nausea.


Depakote worked for about a month before the reaction.

About the same reaction as trileptal, but I recovered more quickly.


I took Seroquel once. It gave me a strange dream trip and I slept heavily for 15 hours, waking up for a few minutes several times. I was dizzy, confused, felt like I was drunk, and had numb limbs. I had numbness for a few days after the dose.


I took Rispradol for about three days and then became dizzy, had nausea, and nearly fainted. Numbness in the limbs also.



It is frustrating to have tried taking so many medications, but none of them worked.


I'm off medication and waiting for my next pdoc appointment.

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For me, what I found to eliminate canker sores, was to brush my teeth well, then immediately use ACT mouthwash (I don't know about other mouthwashes, only have tried the ACT).  Since starting to use mouthwash I have not had one canker sore (and it has been a very long time).

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