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Wellbutrin or Prazosin and weight gain?

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So I've been on Bupropion XL for a month (150 for 4 days, then 300, and now 450). Overall I haven't noticed any negative side effects other than some days I feel more energetic than "typical" but that could also be the drug working since my "typical" was majorly depressed. But then other days I feel sooooo exhausted, like unbearably exhausted. Not depressed tired, just utterly physically drained.


Then I kinda noticed my pants being a bit tighter, then I got on the scale 8.5lbs! I swear I haven't changed my eating habits or really anything to account for 8.5 pounds (last time I weighed myself was prob in May so who knows when it came on, but the clothes tightness was this past month). The exhaustion the past week has caused me to work out a bit less (but I still work out almost everyday and talk long walks with my partner).


I know Wellbutrin is supposed to not effect your weight, or even contribute to weight loss, but is it even possible for it to cause weight gain?


Also anyone experience extreme exhaustion while taking it? (the exhaustion has gotten worse over the past month). I also take 2mg of Prazosin at bedtime for the past 2 months (could that be it)?


My pdoc was very puzzled by the exhaustion (I wasn't sure about the weight thing when I saw her)...


Thanks guys and gals!

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