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So. I am tired of feeling tired!

This day time drowziness, somnolence, sleepiness during the day...



It has been going on for 7 fucking days now.

And I want to take ownership of my life

then sleep 12 hours... and bask on the couch

for another 7 hours for a total of 19 hours on

the couch doing absolutely nothing but listening

to a fan whistle.


So I am making the cut, cutting the 80 mg latuda in HALF.

What? I can't?  You mean I won't get equal amounts if, 

if there is no line on the pill.  WAIT! THERE IS NO FUCKING

LINE ON THE PILL.  But I'm so tired being tired god dammit.

I really so tired being so tired.


The days foil into nights and back into days.  All because of 

the antipsychotic latuda, is your name latuda?  It should be called

sleeeptuda because that's how I feel with you.  So you are going

to get cut up anyways.  I will deal with you and the psychiatrist

when I wake up because i know at least tomorrow when I wake up

I wouldn't be so fucking zombified.  Do I want to do this for a year.

I can hardly tolerate a fucking week of this shit.  


But that is it for me.  I am done.  You all can tell me it is wrong to do

but I am tired of being tired.   Tired of being tired


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First of all, you should contact your pdoc before doing anything and reiterate that you are completely drowsiness and need a change in your meds. That is a significant side effect and should be dealt with. As far as cutting your pills, you need to get a pill cutter. I get mine from my pharmacist. I don't know if they sell them over the counter but you might try CVS or some such store.

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Talk to your pharmacist before doing anything like that, first of all, because sometimes pills mechanism of release changes when cut (for example, if you cut an XR pill in half it becomes IR I believe) and it is possible it would make you even drowsier.


What about changing the time of day that you take the Latuda? Your pharmacist could instruct you on this as well.


It's only one day, just wait it out and give your pharmacist and pdoc a call when they're in. 

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Your pdoc should be your first port of call - don't screw with your meds doses without informing him/her Secondly, if your pills can in fact be halved, any decent pill cutter will do that whether or not the medication is scored with a line. Using a knife or scissors on the other hand, will guarantee that you're not getting equal doses.

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I agree that you need to talk to your pdoc before changing your dose. Lowering your dose on your own could lead to a return of symptoms that were otherwise controlled. Extreme sedation is a serious side effect, and your pdoc should take it seriously. Maybe rather than having you change the dose, your pdoc will change your antipsychotic. There are other antipsychotics than Latuda. But you must have a dialogue going with your pdoc.

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