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Delayed Side Effect from Depakote?

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I've been on 500mg of extended release Depakote for about half a year, but I recently started feeling like i have a weird form of "the stupids." I don't really feel like my cognitive functioning is slower (like I did on lamictal)... I'm just having issues with mixing up words when I speak out loud.


It doesn't happen super often (about 5-10 times/day), but I get similar sounding words mixed up. I know what word I want to say, but it comes out a different word (Like cat and hat). Even if the words don't sound alike, but look alike, I sometimes mix them up (Like IBA vs IPA). The thing is, even after I correct myself, I will use the same wrong word for the intended word during the same conversation. It's most embarrassing when I don't even notice it and someone corrects me...then I continue to screw up the same friggin' word after their correction.


Do y'all think this is just temporary? Why would I suddenly start experiencing this if my dosage hasn't changed? Could this be something other than the Depakote?


Also, I will talk to my pdoc about this when I see him next month...I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this and/or has some insight.

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