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Sad and lonely but don't want to be sad and lonely

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A close friend and myself had a falling out a month ago. Since then I've been without a support system for my depression. I feel like I'm totally fending for myself. There's no resources for me. I need a friend or two but since people are closed into their own social media words, Its hard connecting with people. The old front porch is the deck in the back of the house. People interact superficially on Facebook. I want something deeper. I want a new bromance in my life and don't know where to start.

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Top of the morning to you BA

I hope that very soon you and your friend reconnect. I do believe that a support circle is very important. I've found out that I need at least five in my support circle.

There will be times when you can not connect with your first choice...so you go to choice 2 and so on....."Staying connected to be protected"....May I suggest that at this time

you think of others you'd like to be in your support circle, reach out to them. Written in black and white it sounds so easy...but "I" realize that it is not an easy task and remember

that there is nothing wrong with having more than one in your support circle...Remember.."who am I doing this for?    " I am doing this for ME"...."Because, I  am worth it!


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