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Depressive episodes

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How many here does seroquel help with depressive episode in conjunction with an anti depressant. I have been cutting my seroquel into fours take fifty mg at night instead of two hundred. But I noticed when I take the full dosage my depression is less worse and my day is more brighter. The only reason I would cut the dosage was due to weight gain but I now know why my docs had me on the high dosage.

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200mg is all that high on seroquel, I know I have seen people on 800mg on the boards.


And you should know by know not to fuck around with your meds without your pdoc's guidance. 50mg is more often used as a sleep aid than to treat psychosis, or as an anti-depressant. So you totally undermined your treatment.


Next time you decide you know better, call your pdoc and discuss it with her.

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Seroquel at 50 mg is little more than a sleep aid and an expensive antihistamine. We've told you many times not to mess with your meds because nothing good ever comes from it. Your pdoc knows what is best when s/he writes the prescription. If you have a problem with a particular side effect, you should call your pdoc and discuss it. Do not make med changes on your own.

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