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Finally! Got Admin Law Judge appt

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It has been 19 months since I have applied for SSDI. I got turned down, lost my appeal and now have my Admin Law Judge appointment set for December 29.

I had contacted nt Congressman a few months ago and he was able to get my file pulled and assigned to a Judge which supposedly helped speed up the process. Who knows if it really did.

I hope to hear from my attorney to review the case, but that probably won't happen until closer to the day.

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Have you considered asking your Congressman for help. Mine actually told me I should have contacted them even earlier so they could help!

It can't hurt, and they were happy to help. The congressman even sent me a letter thanking me for allowing him to help me!

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No I've never heard of doing that. I've been going by what my lawyer suggests... knew about the "dire needs" which could move a ALJ hearing up but I don't qualify for dire needs. 


How did you contact? I would love to know any bit you think would help. That is wonderful of them. 

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Thank you, Savannah. I see that option on his website.


A lot of this has to vary by state, as the criteria here for "dire needs" does not include suicide risk even though my doctor has proclaimed that I am and the lawyer has the paperwork. I spoke to them recently, asking if there is just any way to speed things up because I am at risk of losing my medications. They checked into it and said no- that it has to be a formal notice of eviction and something else qualified, I think, but not mental health status and not a risk of losing medications. 


I'm on Latuda and Seroquel XR, so you can understand how that could happen! We are right at the income limit of free meds through their makers and I am at their mercy. For some reason, our annual salary is considered sizeable enough to pay for $800/month Latuda and $500/month Seroquel XR.

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Okay, well, shi*. Thanks for the link, surreal. Grr why are my lawyers not using this? Maybe because I have not been hospitalized in years, so there would be no actual proof of it except for my psychiatrist writing up his opinion. 


This is all so frustrating; hate this for us all. It's hard enough to get stable without rocking a boat someone else should be in command of.

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I hate kind of highjacking the thread but I just want to thank you. I brought the page up with my lawyer and he's recommended that my doctor write a short bit about why my case should be flagged as "Potentially Violent" or suicide risk. He says if we can get it to go through, it would certainly help move things along. 


Looks like this is something for people here to check into while they are waiting for 12 + months!

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