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My favourite ADHD-specific self-help book is "You Mean I'm Not. Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?!" Sure it also has 'what is ADHD' stuff in it, but it's written by ADHDers and is a diverse grab-bag of ADHD-specific self-help stuff in the rest of the book.

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My dad, who has ADD, gave this book to me to help give me some tools for managing it. 




It's a bit on the dated side, and obviously there's no "simple solution" to anything... but it helped give me some ideas to implement in my life. 

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"Driven to Distraction" by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. and John J. Ratey, M.D.

ISBN 978-0-684-80128-5


It's an easy read and sometimes pretty funny.  You can pick it up and put it down again.  I think it also comes in audiobook which I find easier because I can listen to it while I do something mundane like cleaning the barn or housework.

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I bought around 4 of them, two were mentioned, another was some sorting one and Dr. Amen's 6 types of ADD.  They still sit in my room untouched 6-7 years later.


If you are hyper and have issues with impulsiveness or communication, Nonviolent Communication is a great program.  It could help almost anyone though.  It teaches skills to keep communication equal, effective and compassionate.  I used to be a bit of a conflict prone person and that helped a lot maturity wise.  My psych nurse practitioner does meds and therapy with me because I don't like LICSWs or Psychologists for different reasons and tend to be nasty with them.  Social work and psychology have a past like psychiatry does that have different origins and are less than proud of and I tend to smell that on how they communicate because I have a masters in international relations, can speak 3 languages fluently and 3 others proficiently and I understand how the 3 languages I know evolved and the culture and norms so I sense that right off.  


Psychiatry and psychology acknowledge their history of rather brutal and unethical treatments toward others (lobotomies, MK-Ultra, experiments that were cruel) but social workers were in charge of who got sterilized when eugenics was popular and their scope isn't the same even though they and psychologists both can be therapists.  I see a psych nurse practitioner now and she is different because her background is nursing and she didn't practice psychiatry until her end so she has a different view and her way of communicating is different.  I also hated having therapists smile and tell me I was doing great and then have them sneak behind my back to my doctor after asking them to let me know when they would do that, accusing me of needing more medication because I get irritated by their lack of seeing me eye to eye and I have a masters and I don't like being talked down to like I am a child.


I am also stubborn too so if communicating is an issue due to being hyper etc.  Nonviolent communication can help and I am being made to do it.  I don't mind who I see now.  It is one person and no problems.  I tended to ditch therapists the moment they didn't respect my boundaries, especially if I talked faster because my week was more chaotic than average.  I also have bipolar I disorder so being accused of being manic is something I get upset over because I am not one for being overmedicated and being smart and countering their condescending communicating with the same thing toward them in areas that I am great at tends to upset them, trigger denial and they think, "he must be manic".  Transference and Countertransference, basically.  I usually want to rant about life and they want to talk symptoms etc.  

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