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Could I call myself recovered?

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For 14 years I had panic attacks non-stop and what I believe was panic disorder. Panic attacks numerous times a month, fear of getting panic attacks, avoiding situations that led to panic attacks. 


I haven't had a full blown panic attack in a year and a half. 


Can I call myself recovered? 


I've had anxiety attacks, a lot of them since but no full-blown panic attack. 



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Could you tell me what you think the difference is between a panic and an anxiety attack? Because the literature I'm finding says they are the same thing. And if your post below is any indication, you are still having panic attacks. So I would not call you recovered.

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My Pdoc told me that because I only get panic attacks every so often now that I no longer suffer panic disorder, only anxiety (which I find just as crippling), so yes, technically you are recovered but I agree, I like the term stable because they can always come back :(

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