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that my diagnosis of SZA is only because I met the criteria in the DSM and exhibited certain "behaviours" that led my pdoc to give me this diagnosis...


She then went on to say that most people are just given a label that is convenient because that is where they fit...


I dunno about this, I have had lots of talks with her about my SZA diagnosis (mainly cause I don't like it) and she always says, well you met the criteria and then goes on to say that in her "experience" it often comes back to "attachment issues" in earlier life anyway. I was like WTF does all that mean??


Again... WTF?


What do you guys think?? I mean if they are just fitting you into a criteria for convenience....?

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I don't know what she means by "attachment issues." SZA is a brain disorder, not some Freudian construct. As far as the diagnosis goes, when my pdoc diagnosed me as SZA he said he wasn't entirely sure but that it was the one diagnosis that seemed to fit my symptoms. I wouldn't worry about it too much. The important thing is getting treatment. If the treatment is working then who cares about the dx? Diagnoses are mostly for the insurance companies.

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