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So freaking anxious right now

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Ever since yesterday. I got super anxious. 


Can't blame it on the wellbutrin since I started that today. 


Everything just makes me more anxious. 

I have to send an email right now. 


But what if I screw it up. 


OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. Of course this happens, hypo/mania is controlled. OCD is controlled. Depression is controlled. Psychosis is controlled. So anxiety is like "HEY TIME TO PARTY!!!!!" 




I don't know what to do. I've tried calming activities. 


I might as well be taking sugar pills because the ativan ain't doing anything. 


God I hope this doesn't develop into a panic attack. 

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Totally forgot I made this post. 


I have a vanilla scented fragrance oil at work and at home that relaxes me. I roll some on and sniff it. It helps. 


I'm going to see if I can tolerate the wellbutrin without relying on my ativan so much. I hope it doesn't increase my anxiety more. 


I don't know which is worse my possible untreated ADHD or my anxiety. Both make life so hard. 

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