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What is this?

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I don't know what it is. It lasts for hours and mostly happens at work. 


My heart is racing and it's tense. I think I have heart problems. 

I'm sweating and nervous. 

And I just want to escape. 

I think I'm losing it. 


This doesn't feel like my past panic attacks since there's no numbness or derealization or depersonalization. 


And I'm freaking out about everything. I'm tense about everything. But at the same time, there's no reason for me to be freaking out. 


I'm already thinking I should stop coming to work since it mostly happens here. 


But I can't. I for sure have to be at work next week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Thursday would be the only day I could take off. 

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That sounds panic attack-y, even if it is different than old ones. I was BP II until I was 47, when I magically became BP I when I had a manic episode. I know it wasn't as bad as some people experience, but it sucked.


My point is, the past isn't prelude to the future. You sound anxious, the concern about your heart is a classic panic attack warning. You just may be really, really anxious, but you don't have have to depersonalize for it to be a panic attack.


I agree, call your pdoc, you may need something tweaked.

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