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Tired of lack of empathy/difficulty connecting

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I hate it! Hate it, hate it!


I cannot express genuine empathy or sympathy towards people. I can't connect with people or relate to them. 

It's like I'm a robot. I simply just don't give a shit. Occasionally, I feel some sort of emotion but a lot of the times it's a blank emotion. 


I love the mental health field. But I stay in research just because we're taught to remain neutral and I do that, like really well. I mean I've considered being a tdoc or pdoc and that was my original plan but what kind of doc would I be if I don't give a shit/can't connect or empathize with my patients!?


I don't know what to do. 

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It's hard to empathize when you feel like shit yourself, because you are focused on how shitty you feel. Especially if it isn't necessary to your job, don't worry about it. I bet as you start feeling better, your empathy will increase.


And I think you are more empathetic than you think you are. But you've sounded like you've been in a sort of crisis for the last couple of days. When things are bad, you have to focus on getting better, not worry if you are sympathetic to others.

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You've sounded very wound up. And you have started posting more, which might be a warning sign for *anyone* on CBs. I can't say for sure.


But you sound like you feel miserable, and as if your misery might have a psychiatric foundation. What an odd way of putting that. But hopefully, you get my point.

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