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Hi, I'm new here

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Hello everyone :)

I just recently found this site. I'm not sure I will post often but maybe in time I will come out of my shell. I'm a mom of three. I was diagnosed as bipolar I, ptsd and adhd about seven years ago. I am taking Lamictal, Latuda, Ativan, Ambien, Adderall and cogentin. I also have five cats so I'm well on my way to being the crazy cat lady. I hope to get brave and take part in community here. I have been reading posts and finding comfort in knowing I'm not alone.

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My partner M and I are crazy cat ladies too. We did have 5. Bugsy and Buffy passed last year... Bella, Morpheus and Midnight still keep us in mice. Midnight caught a quail the other day and bought it in.... She gave it to Poppy (dog) her closest friend....

We have 2 dogs and about 25 fish tanks too... :)

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Welcome to Crazyboards, snarkygirl.  I think you will find that this is a friendly group, and you will DEFINITELY meet several other crazee cat ladies.  :) 


Let us know if you have any questions about the site.  I hope you do feel comfortable about posting here.



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