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Depressed for the rest of my life

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I was just wondering if depression can be a permenant thing because I was a depressed child (mum on drugs in prison we had no money no food and they didn't teach us how to brush our teeth or tie our shoe laces or anything like that) I mainly remember getting depressed at the age of nine I had a lot of problems like going to court against my abuser and money problems bullying problems and I discovered through my mam that self harm made her feel better so I tried that and I also remember once when I was 9 I sat in the garden wrote a suicide note and held a knife against my throat I don't remember why I didn't do it but I started self harming every day when I was 14 then I took a overdose and ended up on Prozac but I'm still here aged 23 still on Prozac (40mg now) and I'm still depressed so I was think is it possible for a person to just be a depressed personality and no medication or anything will help until the day I die

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I'll tell you the truth: yes. For many people depression is an illness that can be managed but not cured. I've been clinically depressed since I was 2, I'm 27 now. Yes there are better times, and hang onto those times when the lows come. Sonetimes it sucks but I'm not gonna BS you. You might get better, you might not. Just know that you can still have a fulfilling life.

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I was just wondering if depression can be a permenant thing


I would say yes, but if you are on medication and/or are in treatment things could be better than you might think.  I think it is worth giving it a try.  Medication can make a huge difference between functioning and non-functioning.


Who prescribes the prozac?

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It took me over twenty years to get to, well, let's call it a four year remission that's ongoing.

Different medications, different talking therapies, some of each more, or less, effective.


" is it possible for a person to just be a depressed personality [?]"

I wouldn't rule that out, but you have to have tried an awful lot of things before that's anything like a safe conclusion in a particular instance.

I'm never going to be  a Tigger.  Don't want to be.  But something nearer the Eeyore end of the spectrum doesn't have to equate to depression of despair.  It can be made to work.

(A cynic is just what an optimist calls a realist.)


But if stuck in depression one thing is pretty clear.  Nothing much is likely to change without introducing change,

New things need to be tried, medical, cognitive, behavioural... whatever.  All-ever.

Even if it feels like too much effort.  That is very likely the depression talking.



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I've only ever seen a gp as a adult before I was 18 I saw a youth psychologist but as soon as I turned 18 they dropped me and now every time I ask to be referred to someone more qualified I always get told the waiting list is too long . The mental health system in the uk sucks (for me anyway)

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^^^ i know the feeling, have you tried to ring the crisis team?, it's often they only way i can get to see a psychiatrist, it seems to be run by Mental Health nurses, and you will see one or more of them first, either at hospital or a home visit. It's not perfect but if you are suicidal etc then needs, must.


You have been through a lot in life, and i really do not know what to say,my depression fist occurred in childhood and they didn't diagnose me until i was 18, they seem to be reluctant to diagnose before that age.


It can get better once you find a good psychiatrist, have you seen one before?.


Don't give up hope that things can get better, depression may return, but it doesn't have to be constant.


Your Gp doesn't sound very helpful at all, i now bypass mine when i really need help, i just ring the Crisis Team, which is about 1-2 times a year because being put on a waiting list for therapy for months on end when i am that ill is just not good enough,  you do have to fight to get the help you need on the Nhs, sadly.

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