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Hi I am Mike

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Hello all, I am a longtime lurker who finally decided to join this fine community. I have been diagnosed BPII, OCD, and GAD. I have been hypo manic several times but i am primarily depressive. I am (hopefully) at the tail end of a year long severe depression now. I was diagnosed about 12 years ago, but I suffered quietly several years before that. I'm looking forward to making friends here.

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Hello and welcome to CB. BP II can be like that, heavy on the depressive side, GAD and OCD tie-ins, quietly suffering prior to diagnosis. Hell I've got BP-NOS and while I'm not as heavy on the depressions as I onnce thought, it's still a 'feature' and then the anxiety and OCD and the years of suffering prior. Yeeeah. Welcome to the place where no matter how crazy that thing you did or thought is/was, someone else is very likely to know exactly what you're talking about 'cause they've been there too. I like that part a lot.

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