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when you feel okay but still freaked out?

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I don't know where to put this so i'm putting it here


Despite the fact that I did something extremely stupid that I wish I never did,  I've been doing really good in life lately. There's this feeling I have though, It's not really depression, it's not really anxiety, it's not really mania, it's just... I have these thoughts that pop into my head regarding my past. Nothing in particular, just moments where I did things that I consider awkward. I used to get really upset when I would have these thoughts before I was taking my meds, but now it's kind of just like a soft punch. It doesn't hurt but it's just annoying. I have no idea what it is, but I'm dealing with it just fine. I just want to know what it is. Have you guys felt something like this before? I don't know. It could have to do with my OCD but I feel like they've been popping up more since I did that stupid thing. Now that I type this I'm thinking maybe it could be my social anxiety. I don't know. Sorry for my scattered thoughts or whatever. Hope you guys are all doing okay.




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Maybe it is a subconscious thing, where you did whatever it was, then subconsciously your mind is triggered kind of without you knowing it, so all these past thoughts are coming out. 


This happens to me sometimes, like it brings back memories.  All I can do is try to ignore it all and eventually it will all stop gradually.

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