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Hello, I'm new

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Hello everybody. I've just joined. My story is basically that I had a psychotic breakdown following a period of stress in 2003 and was hospitalised. I was given Olanzapine which brought about a swift return to normality. After a year however, I had gained so much weight I was put on Abilifty instead. I have been taking 10mg a day of Abilify for ten years and in that time have gained 173 lbs. I also have agoraphobia and social anxiety so it makes it hard for me to visit the clinic. I have been mentally stable for the whole 11 years, apart from one time when I tried to wean off the abilify in 2006 with supervision and I felt symptoms returning so it was decided I should be put back on the Abilify.


I was given the vague diagnosis of 'an emotional disorder.' I am tormented more and more by restless legs. I know I need to go and see the psychiatrists again but have been so mentally stable I am kind of scared to 'mess with my head.' I joined here for some moral support and to help me get the courage up to make that appointment.


I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

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Welcome to CB. Peer support is what we do. I've had a lot of support toward making and keeping appointments, getting through appointments, getting up my corage, moral support, and more. CB's a big part of my life and stable health. May it help you just as much.

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