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Shutting down - trance like state

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Anyone else do this? If so, what's the cause for your shutting down?


And by this I mean, sometimes I just stand (or sit) and stare at something for a while until I snap out of it. My mind is completely silent when I do this. So it's like I've basically shut down. 

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Other times I've caught myself trapped inside myself unable to speak the words or feelings that are sitting so close to escaping me but find that some force has silenced me..this form of my space outs often come along with stressful situations or depression..I can hear what's being said but find it nearly impossible to respond.


I can really relate to this.

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Maybe it is stress-related?


I do this when I have to much stress. My mind shuts down and it goes blank, can't function. 


Make sure you tell your doc about this if you have not. I hope you feel better soon. 

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