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Help? I have to work tomorrow

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And Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday. Thursday is the only day I might be able to call off and that's when I see tdoc. 


My anxiety is high just thinking of going to work. I have to send an email with tomorrow's schedule. Yikes. 


I have relaxing music. 


I have a soothing scent. 


I have an escape in case I get too panicky although that involves walking around the gift shop and being around people. Not sure how that would work. 


I'm thinking of buying a desk toy or a fidget toy that I can play with to calm down. Anyone have any ideas? 

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I have some putty that I play with at my desk - mine's left from when I had hand surgery, but any putty would do. Something non greasy. I like it better than a stress ball.


A water bottle? Maybe a snack? Sometimes I can take a mini-break without leaving my desk. Practice being mindful about taking a drink of water, for example. 


A pen that feels nice to write with. Even if you don't do much writing at your work (I don't), it's nice to have a really nice pen and a pad of paper. You can doodle or do some rough journaling (just make sure to take the paper with you at the end of the day!) 


Print out a couple of affirmations to read to yourself if you panic. I need to have them written down, I can't remember them in the moment, maybe you're the same.


I have PRN ativan that I take with me which can be comforting even if I don't use it. I also keep an excuse in mind for if I need to leave the office/building - an urgent phone call or something. Then I can go sit outside or in the car or somewhere to try to breathe. Can you find a place that's not the gift shop? That doesn't sound like a calming place.


This is all I've come up with, aside from what you've already mentioned. I'm having trouble gearing myself up to go back to work tomorrow too. We can do it together, perhaps.

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I have a kneadable eraser that I can take to work with me while my fidget toy arrives. It's not greasy and it's stretchy. 

Snacks are good. Water is good too because it forces me to leave my office to get water from the break room. 

I have a big pen with a koala bear at the top. :) lol doodling is a good idea. 

I think I'll have them open on my desktop at work. I'll find some on the internet. 

I work in a hospital so every place is busy. :( Even outside. 


Thanks for your reply. And yes, we can do it!

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