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is haldol truly better than risperidone?

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Kinda hate risperidone. Been on it for 3 yrs and its made me fat. Screws your emotions. Was having a crisis with my voices last night so decided to take some haldol and it made me feel better. I am curious as to why.

So do u prefer haldol over risperidone for any reason? I heard they are similar. Took 4.5mg of haldol and my usual risp dosage is just 2mg.

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You should never take any medication unless explicitly directed by your physician.


Haldol is a pure dopamine blocker that doesn't fuck around with any other neurotransmitters at all.  For complicated reasons this means it's also the most likely AP to cause EPS.  


Mixing APs, particularly when one of them is Haldol, is a really bad idea.  Don't do that.  


Haldol is the least likely AP to cause hormone related side effects but is the most likely to cause EPS.  It's a dice roll.  

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typicals like haldol work by blocking everything while atypicals like risperdal are "more selective" at what receptors get blocked.

haldol is ancient...


That's actually backwards.  Haldol Is the most selective dopamine antagnoist made.  It just turns out that that's not what was needed.  IIRC it's the additional effect on serotonin that greatly reduces the EPS risk in AAPs.  

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