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I live in Missouri. 


I have been told by an insurance help representative that I make too little for assistance through the affordable care act.  I am not sure what to do now.  He said that I could have my parents pay me and then pay them back and count it as my income but how is that recorded?  They have helped me with medical bills, does that count as income?  I have also had food stamps for two months.  


If I keep at my current hours at my current job, I would make enough next year.  Does that count in the enrollment period this fall?  I don't know if I could make it doing two jobs this year, though.  


I don't know if I should apply for SSI or medicaid because I make more than substantial gainful activity.  My quality of life is decreasing and I'm spending lots of time in bed so I am not sure if that will get worse and I will be able to keep it.  I am very stressed out about several things, though.  


I am on quetiapine and lithium and synthroid and fairly stable.  However, there might be weirder things going on with my thyroid and I hope they aren't expensive.  I looked up the quetiapine generic price and it is distressingly high for a generic.  I am not really sure if I will be able to afford care and drugs, depending on how far the scale  slides.  


Is there any advice on accessing assistance?

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From what I understand, the minimum covers people that wouldn't be covered by expanded medicaid because it was written assuming that that requirement would pass.  I would be covered by expanded medicaid.  However, my state did not expand medicaid.  So neither covers me and I am not eligible for subsidies. 

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That TOTALLY bites, evil.


Come to the left coast.


I'm sorry I don't have a better answer than that.


You might consider reducing your work to below the SGA amount to help qualify for treatment that will prevent you from getting worse. There might also be charity care programs to help fill in the gap. I'd start by asking your health care providers and explaining the situation.


And then emailing your elected officials to tell them how their decision to reject the medicaid expansion is going to make you worse because you can't access care. 

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