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Do you guys have "Rule Outs" in your diagnosis?

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I don't THINK so. There may be shit in my overall med records from some ER and IP pdocs about "possible BPD" but I've thoroughly explored that question with my outpatient pdoc (who is amazeballs) and *she* is the one adamant that I don't have BPD (I'm the one going 'these things/docs/anxieties made me worry, are you suuuure? Why are you sure?') 'Cause I'm very anxious about making sure my Dx's are accurate so my treatment can be targeted properly, so that I never go through the hell that led up to my BP Dx ever again.

I was Dx'd 'BP NOS, maybe II,' but if I saw that pdoc again I think he'd say NOS now. Best guess. But my non-doctor ass thinks, based on all the stuff I've read since, that NOS is more accurate really. It behaves similarly to II with me, but stilllll not quite the same.

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Once when I was IP for 2 months on my papers it stated "Bipolar I w/ psychotic features R/O Schizoaffective Disorder"


Needless to say my dx has changed many times since then.


Edit: It wasn't NOS


That is what mine was for a long time. One pdoc finally settled on sza and it stuck.

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