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I routinely jabber about my work shit to my therapist. I keep trying to get him to realize, it's not me, it's "Them" and he keeps saying its not and that pisses me off (even though I know he's at least sort of right). I think he's writing another book and it's about me. But I can't be sure.


Just wrote this short story the other night and ya know, everything that happens to a fiction writer is fodder, usually not LITERALLY, but more added to the soup from which a bowl of steamy goodness is poured and sold.


I get excitedly half way through the story recounting to him and realize OFM, this is my fucking life. right there balls out on the page. Shit. Of course he eats that shit up for breakfast. I think I'm supposed to feel better now, but I don't. it's fucking depressing. It'll wind up on Kindle next month or so (I think, having editorial support crises at the moment).  It's a good story. It just sucks ass that it's my life. Literally. It's never happened to me before. I hope it never happens again.


Is this in the wrong forum?


Fuckit, better get back to work anyway. Did I ever tell you about the grove of hemlock trees who made a golem? [that's not the story I've referred to in the post, it's another one. Not about me.. so, yeah.]

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I don't think I've ever felt better after letting the "true" out.  Not only is a lot of it horrific but it's embarrassing because it's horrific.  If I could grab that shit back so no one knows, I would.  So what, the therapist and pdoc understand me better.  Big woop.  I've spent literally my whole life hiding that shit, hiding me, if I let it out the other person damn well deserve it not just be a moments inattention.  But somehow they know how to push the right buttons and it falls right out occasionally.


What I'm trying to say is that you aren't alone in feeling that way.

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Gearhead, I just realized that story isn't out (I think it's in a 3-story volume that's waiting for an editor. Anyway called "Hibernaculum" & my guess is Kindle in December this year.


Chimako, good to be in good company. ;-)

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